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Big Life Changes...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

...For my feet!
New shoes are always exciting [well, for women], mostly because they're different than all of the other shoes in your closet.  They are an addition to your beautiful collection.  You make a new spot for them on the rack.  You take good care of them, and don't want to them get scuffed or worn.  This isn't really the case for running shoes.  When a runner gets new shoes, they are usually to replace the worn ones (oh and we are very proud of the beat up worn ones).  And more importantly, the replacement shoes are usually the same brand, if not the same shoe.  Runners find the shoe that works for them and usually stick with it.  I have not been running long at all, but in the 5k training, speed work, hill repeats, half training, I have worn only New Balance, and I have loved them.  When my 850's were discontinued, I scoured the Internet, only to come up with the wrong sizes for the right shoes.  So I went with the 860's, still New Balance though.

Shortly after I started my training for the Rock 'n' Roll DC half marathon, I started having some ankle issues.  I had a similar problem last year and my doctor had me off my feet, on anti-inflammatory meds, and then very slowly building my mileage (1 mile a week).  That wasn't going to work this time and I was very clear when I told him that.  He made some suggestions to get me through, one of them being, new and different shoes...WHAT?  But I've only run in New Balance!  3 different stores recommended Brooks Adrenaline.  I finally caved and got the Brooks.  (No, I didn't pay store prices.  I ordered from Holabird.  Click on the link in the left sidebar to check the discounted prices.)

I did 3 miles to break them in, and figured, what the hell...So I strapped them on for my 8 mile run.  Well, I believe I may be a convert!  The Brooks were so nice and I had no pain at all.  Not to give up on my NB's, I wore them for my short run this morning.  Well, I may have to give up on my NB's.  I could feel the ligament crawling before I even hit mile 3.  This is a huge change.  Not only was I accustomed to my NB's, but I was loyal to them!  But I've learned, things change, and when you're a runner, that includes your feet and what you put on them.


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