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I'm no expert, I'm just a mom who used to be fat.

My Physical

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let me start by saying two things:

  1. I love my doctor.  Anyone on the Main Line in need of a good family physician should make an appointment with Dr. Graham at Penn Med Valley Forge.  He's very laid back, not quick to medicate, does research on symptoms to find the real root of a problem, and he actually calls you himself.
  2. I hope all of the Nosy Nelliesthat are enjoying peeking in on the private info that I'm sharing, are also looking at the healthy stuff on this site and putting some of it to good use!
OK, the juicy stuff...Dr. Graham looked over the results of my biometric screening, and said my numbers were "gorgeous".  My LDL is 15 above the recommended 100, however, he said that my HDL is very high and actually protective.  So all in all, it's fine.  My BMI is just right.  Pulse is great.  Of course they weighed me and took my blood pressure.  Blood pressure - down, weight - up...WHAT?!  My blood pressure is below normal (still trying to figure that out, considering how high strung I am).  Buuuut, fully clothed, I weighed in at 119.  Is it the end of the world?  No, but it did not make me smile.  If you've been keeping up, I did have those Super Bowl snacks, but I failed to mention that I had not eaten so well the day before either (c'mon, I was at a birthday party).  The good news is that my clothes fit just fine and I'm training for another half marathon, so the weight will come off.  Bottom line, a pound or two this way or that, doesn't change the fact that I am in excellent health.  And, according to the good doctor, I can attribute that good health to running.

Now for the reality...Though healthy, I'm 38 and a runner.  Age and wear does change your body (especially if you weren't always a runner, but it's NEVER to late)  Last year when I went for my physical, I was having pretty severe pain in my left ankle that radiated into my foot, making it difficult to put any pressure on it.  I hadn't been running for very long and had just hit a 5 mile run.  But at 37, it is very important to observe the no more than 10% increase in mileage per week rule...I did not.  I had caused myself some ligament damage, and had to take time off.  Anyway, I started having some similar twinges this year when I started my half training.  Scary.  I took a week off and started back up, nice and slow.  As it turns out, I have a little more wiggle in my ankles than most people and that wobble is what's causing the problem with the ligament.  Luckily, my doctor is a runner and understood that I had no intention of slowing and I will be running the RnR DC half.  I just have to wear a brace and be vigilante about icing and anti-inflammatories.  And I agreed to see him and the Sports Med doc after the race for some physical therapy and gait adjustment.  Ah well.

The moral of this story: exercise and you may have a little wear and tear on the bod, but man, you will be fit and well!

P.S.  If you're disappointed by the lack of dirt, I did end up with a script for the horrible case of eczema on the back of my neck and I have to see the dermatologist for a good ol' scan for skin cancer.  Too bad running doesn't do squat for skin conditions.


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